1. The positive action of University Students, teachers, administrators and other interested, in the aims and objectives of the organisation without prejudice to race, nationality, sex, political of religious conviction, or social or economic background, in order establish and protect that basis of international understanding from which a spirit of international solidarity may emerge and a concern for mutual assistance and service can be developed.

2. The mutual sharing of knowledge and experience gained in attempts to resolve basic university problems.

3. The mobilisation of material assistance from members of the World University Community for their colleges who are in immediate need, and particularly through aid to self-help enterprises destined to meet long-term needs.

4. Maintaining managing and activising the WUS Centre, Chetpet, Chennai-31 as its unique and prestigious project to make it a centre of all WUS/Madras Committee activities in accordance with the spirit and ideals of the WUS International and to maintain and run it as transit hostel to provide inexpensive, transit/temporary accommodation for students, teachers, administrators and other interested in the WUS cause coming from different parts of country and abroad on academic or other related business of direct or import to the academic community.

5. Receiving and accepting donations or grants, in cash or kind from individuals or organisations or Government to further the WUS cause.