World University Service, successor to International Student Service and World Student Relief, encourages, supports and creates efforts on the part of students, teachers and administrators of universities, colleges and other centres of higher learning, and other intellectual capabilities in participation with the deprived peoples of those societies, bearing in mind that through the process, and the full participation of the majority in a democratic decision making process, a just society is encouraged. The economic, social, cultural and political development is based on the needs and cultural values of the whole population.

World University Service aims at expressing and promoting international university solidarity and mutual service within and between universities and centres of higher learning throughout the world.

The University derives its extense from its service to society. Therefore, the university community must be involved directly in the contemporary problems facing society, which are becoming increasing urgent and complex and the curriculum of higher education must be adapted to the needs of the larger society that surrounds the University Community. This implies that the opportunity of access of higher education must be equal for the members of society. To ensure such open access the university must assume responsibility for conducting programmes and adopting curriculum to provide compensatory committed of differences in cultural background.

Without impairing its national character, the University has definite international obligations, which are based on the University of the Methods of scientific enquiry and of knowledge derived from it. There is, therefore, a particular obligation incumbent on the University committee of all countries to strive at becoming equal partners, and to concern themselves with the solution of common problems.

The essence of the University is academic freedom. This contradicts in no way the social conscience of the University on the contrary the spirit of academic enquiry is one of the contributions which the University Community makes to society. This implies the maximum participation of all components of the academic community in shaping the institutional process. Academic freedom can only be guaranteed when the university is under democratic control which includes the active participation of all members of the academic community.